Display FAQs – PPI, aspect ratio, AMOLED Screen

Display FAQs – Find various questions and answers related to Camera and Battery such as – Does the support . What other features does support, such as fast or wireless charging? Are you concerned about this type of question? If so, I’m sure we can answer all your questions. Give a quick look at Specifications before moving on to FAQs and Specifications.

Here we have divided the FAQ into five different categories such as Design, Display, Performance, Camera, and Battery. Our goal is to answer as many questions as possible. Kindly leave a comment below if you have any questions left unanswered.

Quick Specifications

Quick Specs
Display Size
Operating System
RAM & Stroage
Operating System
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Screen Size
Screen Resolution
Screen Protection Standard
Screen Type
Operating System
External SD Card
Ram & Storage
Memory Type Standard
Main Camera
Camera Features
Video Recording
Selfie Camera
Selfie Camera Feature
Selfie Camera Video
3.5mm jack
Radio Support
Infrared Sensor

Display FAQ

Does support LCD Display ?

No, does not supports LCD display.

Does support Super AMOLED Display ?

No, does not supports Super AMOLED display or screen.

Does Support OLED Display ?

No, does not comes with a OLED Display.

Aspect ratio on ?

Aspect ratio on is 0:0. Two numbers are separated by a colon in an aspect ratio, the first indicating the width, the second indicating its height.

Does support auto brightness ?

Yes it supports auto brightness feature

Pixel Density on ?

The pixel density on is 0:0 PPI is the number of pixels per inch (ppi) on a particular display. Calculating the pixel density of a display is as simple as dividing the diagonal resolution by the diagonal size.

Design FAQ

color variants ?

The comes in these color variants .

Is protected by corning gorilla glass ?

No, is not protected by a corning gorilla glass.

Does support Micro USB Port ?

No, has .

Does support USB Type C Port ?

No, has .

Does support Notification light ?

does not supports Notification light.

Does support Rear fingerprint scanner ?

No, does not have a fingerprint sensor.

Is waterproof or water resistant ?

No, is waterproof or water resistant.

Is dustproof or dust resistant ?

No, is not dustproof or dust resistant.

Does support notch ?

Not confimed, you may need to check the on the top to check if it has a notch or a punch hole screen.

Q: Does support Under display fingerprint scanner ?

No, .

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