How to see the IMEI code on Zenpad S 8.0 Z580C

IMEI Code on – Are you trying to find the IMEI code for ?. With the help of this article you can find the IMEI code easily. Let’s take a look at how to find the IMEI code for .

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number uniquely identifies your device. By using an IMEI code, you can determine the brand, model, and country of origin of a device.

How to see the IMEI code on

First method:

Here are the 5 steps to find out IMEI code on within 1 minute

There is a very easy way to see the IMEI code in a through a hidden code in the system.

An IMEI code identifies a mobile device uniquely. Each device has an IMEI code, which is printed on the device box and under the removable battery on devices with removable batteries. Using the system settings, we find out how to find it on the .

1- First step:

Start your by unlocking it and going to the home screen.

2- Second step:

You will usually find the phone icon at the bottom left of your .

step two

3- Third step:

Press the keyboard icon to open the numeric keyboard if it is not appearing.

step three

4- Fifth step:

You need to press this sequence with the keyboard: *#06# (asterisk, hash, zero, six, hash).

step four

5- First step:

The will display its IMEI code by default, but if not, you can press the “call” button to see the code. Long press to copy.

step five

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Second method:

You can use this method if the first method does not work.

1- First Step:

Start your by unlocking it and going to the home screen.

2- Second Step:

Open the Settings app on .

3- Third Step:

Use the search option to find the “About phone” option and open it.

4- Fourth Step:

Scroll down and find the SIM/IMEI Code for the .

5- Fifth step:

Copy the IMEI Code by long pressing on the value

About device:

is a device with a size of , a weight of , a screen size of and a screen resolution of .

It has a processor , a graphics card , available in variants.

The it comes from the factory with the operating system .

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